Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Oh, Christmas Tree, Oh, Christmas Tree

This year, we started what we hope to be a yearly tradition. In lieu of the fake Christmas tree, which I've had most of my life, we decided we'd like a real tree.

For Jacob's sake, we thought it would be fun to actually cut down our real tree rather than pick one out at the store.
 After some exploring, we found the perfect tree.
 Jeremy & Jacob got to work.

 Disclaimer: I am not promoting child labor. Jacob volunteered & wanted to pull the tree.
 Then, we were ready to head back to Dallas...
 & make our tree part of our home.
 Jacob was a BIG helper when it came to decorations.
We got the tree nice and decorated.
Then, we thought we'd share the holiday cheer with the vegetables in the dining room window. 
 Our new TV stand (to be blogged about eventually) also got some Christmas love.
It looks (and smells) very festive around here!

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