Tuesday, May 31, 2011

TCU Graduation!

Friends, I have finally gathered photos from the
various photographers in my family & chosen some favorties.

Presenting: My College Graduation

We drove to Fort Worth a couple hours early to avoid any
catasrophies causing me to be late to my own college graduation.

So, my Gramma, her husband, my aunt Susye, Jeremy,
my best friend Courtney, her family & I all went to lunch.

We went to Yucatan Taco Stand.

Then, it was time to graduate...

Finally, it was time to celebrate!
I can not tell you how absolutely fabulous my party was.

Here is some of the decor... 
my aunt, Jill, did an awesome job! 

I am so grateful to have been able to spend such a special
day in my life with my wonderful friends and family.

I'm a lucky, lucky girl & so very blessed!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Potato Masher

On Sunday afternoon, Jeremy & I were discussing
what we should have for dinner.

"I want to help you!" Jacob informed us.
And help he did!
First, he helped his dad season our steak.
Then, he mashed the potatoes for me.
He did a mighty fine job.
I made Pioneer Woman's Creamy & Delicious Mashed Potatoes
& I added cheese and bacon to the top.
Jeremy informed me on Monday that I had done the impossible:
made mashed potatoes that are still good leftover.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Meet the Newest Member of Our Family

This is Jacob...
or Andy.
[Depending on who you ask]
Jeremy & Jacob caught him about two weeks ago
when I was at work one day.
He's adapted quite well to our family.
We've made the transition as easy as possible.
& a nice, big home]
Jacob, quite originally, named the lizard Jacob.
When he's not around,
Jeremy and I call him Andy, short for anole, which is what he is.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Organizing the Spice Cabinet

Don't we live the exciting life?

This is what we are excited about, after all,
on this fine Saturday morning.

This is what our spice cabinet has looked like for the
last three weeks that we've lived in the condo:
If you'll remember, we built a spice rack at the apartment.
[Have no fear, I'll still be using it here.]

Anyway... we have enough cabinets at this condo to store the
spices in one of them. But, it needed some help
on the organization front.

I checked Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond and the shelves
there were super cheap. But, if you look at the picture above,
that shelf has a big ol' vent running straight through the middle.
As a result, the shelves from the store wouldn't fit.

So, the boy and I got to thinking.
We knew the project didn't need to be overly expensive or involved.

In fact, we [Jacob] already had the wood we could use.
We cut the wood last night but decided it was a little late in
the evening to be hammering nails into it. 
But we got straight to work today.
We ended up with this:
Kind of cute, huh?
And now our spice cabinet looks like this:
Like I said a couple posts ago,
it really is the little things. [Read: the free things in this situation]

Coming soon: Meet Jacob/Andy the lizard.
& hopefully more projects if the budget allows.