Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jacob's Birthday

How do I know how far behind I am on blogging?
[and, perhaps, life in general...]
I uploaded 257 pictures from my camera last night.
Time to catch up!
Jacob turned five last week (even if he looks 7),
so we celebrated with a John Deere party
[and family and friends].
I baked and decorated the cake.
[It was, in fact, the first cake I've ever decorated.]
We had a HUGE John Deere tractor pinata
[and plenty of food].
We bobbed for apples.
I think Fletcher was the bobbing champion.
Ready Dougie? Let's go!
Dougie wins the award for...
Most Dedicated!
We also had potato sack races.
We [obviously] had cake.
And we rounded out the festivities with some pinata hittin'.
London getting after it...
Robbie busted the thing open.
Flat tire, much?
"We're the three best friends that anyone could have..."
Too bad one day, they won't be so cute...
they'll look more like this.
And have War Head eating competitions.
These are their sour faces.
My favorite part of the day?
On the day of JACOB'S birthday party,
you know what that sweet boy did?
He brought me roses... yes, my heart did melt.
We had a fabulous past weekend in San Antonio,
so I hope to post about that soon!

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